Sundara Karma for Issue 10

1 July 2016

Endless dreams of being one of the boys in the band, sharing beads of sweat as hair is flung and mild whiplash is diagnosed. You can't help yourself though; the adrenaline is streamline, deadly and ferocious rearing up against the wall of people before you. A lusty audience. Your Chucks are soggy from the spilled beer, but who actually cares... this is paradise.

Delving deep into the printed pages of Issue 10 you become submerged in art, music and a longing to be a part of something new. Photographer Sophie Mayanne introduces you to her second chapter with four-piece indie band Sundara Karma, consisting of: Oscar Lulu, Dom Cordell, Haydn Evans and Ally Baty.
"So this is where the magic happens, our studio. We come to practice, hang and chill, and have had so many good times here. We have actually played two shows here; one for the Reading Festival after-party that we threw, which was really awful, as we played at 2am and were pretty hammered. Everyone was loving it though. Our guitars weren’t in tune, but we were too drunk to do anything about it. Purple Turtle is the place you go to see the night off. It shuts at 4am, and by the time you get there you’re usually pretty wasted. You can’t not have a good time there. Then Oakford Social Club; we played some of our first shows there, and have been going there over the years. When we were younger we used to get chucked out for not having ID."
From their local pubs in Reading to the stained carpet of their studio, you are invited to delve deeper into the brotherhood, tattoos and hippy attitude of the band in Issue 10 'Muse', which now available in stores and online through the BBG Shop, as they skip around carefree and talk about their single 'Love Blood', their spiritual connection and the places they go to see the night off.

Fashion Assistant MADDY ALFORD

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