Streets of Funk

10 April 2017

Photographer CAOIMHE HAHN
Words Joe Shields

Drop the record player needle into the grooves of your dusty black vinyl and let it spin. As the disc turns, the song starts with a crackle, and the heavy rhythm of a funky guitar fills the air with soul. Toes tap, as the beat moves through your body and drums start to play; the snare’s hiss carrying the beat as a smooth trumpet plays on top. It’s an energy. An atmosphere. A feeling. Swing your hips, bop your head or step side to side, because it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how you move, just as long as you do. And boy has Junior Choi got us moving.

Photographed by Caoimhe Hahn and styled by Abena Ofei, this editorial story with Junior throws you back to the streets of funk. You’re dancing in the bars of New Orleans. You’re moving through the streets of Cuba. You’re hearing James Brown in your head. And you like it. Caoihme captures Junior with a sense of mystery; eyes to the camera with confidence, then averted as he’s caught up in his internal rhythm. She contrasts his movement and energy against his cool aloofness. His funk against his soul. It’s a tale of a smooth protagonist.

Block colour backgrounds compliment the vibrant colours and prints that Abena has chosen, outlined by clean cut tailoring. High cut ankles and gold chains that drop behind deep cut collars evoke an essence of swagger from Junior. His vinyl spins out a funky soundtrack. His step’s got rhythm in it. He’s ready to move.


Above left: Shirt and Jacket by MCQ ALEXANDER MCQUEEN
Above right: Jacket, Shirt and Trousers by MCQ ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, Socks by PRINGLE OF SCOTLAND, Brouges by HUDSON


Above: Top and Jacket by DANIEL W. FLETCHER


Above left: Jacket by WOOD WOOD, Shirt by QASIMI, Trousers by BERTHOLD, Belt is Stylist's own, Shoes by HUDSON
Above right: Shirt by QASIMI, Chains throughout by H. SAMUEL


Above: Jumpsuit by ISSEY MIYAKE MEN


Above left: Trousers by OUR LEGACY, Shoes by COS
Above right: Trousers by THEORY


Above: Shirt by MAISON KITSUNÉ, Trousers by ISSEY MIYAKE MEN


Above right: Jacket by MONCLER, Shirt by YOU MUST CREATE, Trousers by DANIEL W. FLETCHER

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