Sam Evans for Issue 13

13 December 2017

Intro Berit Warta

Do you remember fighting heavy raindrops on the way to the library five blocks away? People used to spent hours there leafing through books, taking in the smell of paper and acquiring wisdom. Compared to our era of multimedia now, it's a very different landscape - waves of information overwhelming us like an unstoppable tsunami. Our minds - bedazzled 24 x 7. For our Autumn Winter ’17 issue, 'Tales of a new Generation', we meet actor and model Sam Evans. Photographer Daria Kobayashi Ritch captures him challenging the notion of checking off only one box, these days it’s not enough to be just one thing.

"It’s a weird time for this generation; some people are just put on pedestrals. I feel like it should be more about who the person is and their creativeness - but I do think there are authentic people as well."

In his feature, Sam talks about how he first got into acting as a way to express his creative side. At the age of twelve he expanded on his relationship with cameras and signed up as a model, which hasn’t stopped him to continue both of his passions at the same time. Stylist Henna Koskinen matches the looks to Sam's multifaceted abilities. In true Boys by Girls fashion, Daria portrays him in an authentic series that channels all his different sides in astonishing bright colours. Talking through the opportunities and challenges of social media, he reminds his generation of unforgettable moments you can only experience away from the keyboard. Meeting people online can be entertaining and supportive, but where are we heading if we keep believing the perfect pictures that are painted of people's lives on social media? This new generation sees right through what is real or not. Innovative media is a helpful tool, but most effective when combined with real life experiences.

To read the full interview and take in Daria's beautiful series of Sam, make sure to get yourself a copy of issue 13, beyond the brief teaser below. 'Tales of a new Generation' is now available online and in selected stores.
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