No Walls Inside Me

21 May 2018

Hair FABIO VIVAN at Emma Davies using Balman Hair Couture
Makeup BARI KHALIQUE using Mac Cosmetics
Words Brogan Anderson
Model ZAK NIMMO at Select Model Management
Special thanks to Buster Mantis for the location

A cherry blossom tree spends the majority of its lifetime bare and stark. Its branches jutting out tickling powder blue skies, a harsh obscurity to the backdrop of a flourishing and blooming wildlife. They have their moment though. Lara Ferri documents Zak Nimmo’s very own blossoming - the diminishing of barriers captured in an endless moment. Forever an instance and memory to be stored in beloved secret boxes - this was when they crumbled. Those overbearing constraints, the walls cemented together with self-doubt, disappointment and critique. We are our own worst enemies, but these moments come to an end. Gone are the days of disapproval, of the voices inside his head holding him back, because now, there are no walls inside him.

Often, a blossom is a fleeting second of notable prominence that entices the world with a briefness of their beauty before retiring back to what we’ve grown accustomed to seeing. A boy's flourish is a landmark of allurement and attractiveness, held with fondness in the heart. A humbling being in the scheme of a competitive and tainted landscape. Weightless now, that the granite restraints no longer burden his limbs, there is a euphoric lightness in the prospects of his future.

Consumed by musings in an isolated space. Suzie Street clothes him in warm tones, effortless cool vibes of an observant man pondering the world’s emphatic power. An idle mind turning the thoughts of the earth’s power and its incomprehensible possibilities; the journey of everything that is around us encompassing the thoughts swirling round in his head. Contemplating the modesty of the front that is before him, no one knows the beautiful workings that are lying behind his eyes.

His time is coming. The time of his life to reflect the exuberant and beautiful ideas that have been milling around the space around him are now distant memories. Faraway eyes of a visionary preparing to showcase his plans to the world after his life of hibernation, suspended in a period of stillness and reflection. A careful consideration that began as a seed, nurtured into something wonderful, once peeking through the cracks in the wall, before its roots broke down the barricade that refused him to grow. No walls are a hindrance now, his future is here - ready to bloom, but his will last a lifetime.

No Walls Inside Me1

Above left: Full look by LEON BARA
Above right: Shirt by TIMBERLAND, Hoddie by AMERICAN VINTAGE and Hat by LOCK AND CO HATTERS

No Walls Inside Me2

Above: Full look by DANIEL W FLETCHER

No Walls Inside Me3

Above left: Jacket and Trousers BLOOD BROTHER and Hoodie by AMERICAN VINTAGE
Above right: Full look by DANIEL W FLETCHER and Shoes by KENZO

No Walls Inside Me42
No Walls Inside Me5

Above left: Full look by LOU DALTON and Shoes by KENZO
Above right: Shirt by AMI, Jacket by BERLUTI, and Hat by LOCK AND CO HATTERS

No Walls Inside Me6

Above: Zak wears Jacket by LEON BARA and Shirt by TIMBERLAND

No Walls Inside Me7

Above left: Bag by BERLUTI
Above right: Shirt by FARNOL, Pinstripe Jacket by SOULLAND, Necklace model's own, and Blazer Jacket by DANIEL W FLETCHER

No Walls Inside Me8

Above: Zak wears Shirt, Trousers and Hat by AMI, Jacket by BELSTAFF, and Trainers by NIKE

No Walls Inside Me9
No Walls Inside Me10

Above left: Shirt by TIMBERLAND, Hoddie by AMERICAN VINTAGE, and Trousers by BLOOD BROTHER
Above right: Shirt by LEON BARA, Jacket by BERLUTI, Belt Stylist Archive, and Trousers by AMI

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