Nicholas Galitzine for Issue 13

27 November 2017

Photography and Interview by CECILIE HARRIS
Grooming by MIKE O'GORMAN using Mac Cosmetics

As we settle down on the sofa after our photo shoot, we loose track of time and get lost in matters of the heart. We talk about his love for sunsets, what inspires him, his handsomeness, suffocating in an urban jungle, his latest movie projects and the importance of looking after your mental health. Vulnerability in young men is a beautiful thing, and Nicholas Galitzine has just the right amount of it.

After an impactful performance in his first film, 'The Beat Beneath my Feat’, his recent releases include 'Handsome Devil’, which is currently showing on Netflix - a charming coming-of-age drama, where his characther Conor struggles with being honest about his sexuality - and 'The Changeover', which just released in New Zealand (and we're eagerly awaiting other release dates for). When he speaks, Nicholas paints a beautiful picture, and together we get lost in visions of nature, views from mountain tops and the expanding universe.

“We live in this urban jungle and it’s suffocating at times, so claustrophobic. It’s nice to stand on top of a mountain that you’ve spent an hour climbing and be able to see everything. There is this very profound moment when you’re surrounded by nature, where you realise how insignificant the anxieties that are man-made are - how insignificant they are in comparison to everything else. And then you think about space and how the universe is expanding every moment, and it becomes less and less important. But also, paradoxically, the most important thing at the same time; feelings are all we really have.“

An advocate for mental health, his interview journeys into sharing his own experience struggling with anxiety and depression at a young age and how he managed to deal with this. For anyone wanting to experience our deep conversation, Nicholas's feature includes three and a half pages of our exchange of thoughts and curiosities. There are also pretty pictures to indulge in. After spending a day with the talented actor, you quickly start to notice that his true beauty is his passion for what he does.

To experience the full 12-page feature, beyond the below few teasers, you can find Issue 13 in selected stores now or buy a copy from our web store.

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