Part of the Puzzle

6 October 2017

Photographer Montana Lowery
Fashion Twinks Burnett
Models James, Mylo and Tom at Supa Model Management
Words Berit Warta

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, when you’ve exhausted the morning cartoons, you remind yourself of the fun you had playing childhood games. Searching, observing, absorbing. You mount your way up the stairs into the dusty attic, ploughing your way through spider webs and heavy boxes. There might be the occasional encounter with a long lost cuddle buddy. While digging through memories, you find that old puzzle from back in the day that was so impossible to solve at the time. The puzzle pieces just wouldn’t seem to fit. Photographer Montana Lowery captures the trio of James, Mylo and Tom at Supa Model Management playing, mixing, matching - sorely attempting to find an answer on how to best adapt to the bigger picture.

At first glance, the puzzle looks manageable, but surely it isn’t. There is no game more complex, but yet so easily transferable to reality. James, Mylo and Tom get to take part of the never-ending puzzle that is life - being presented with new challenges at every turn of the way. What pieces match? Which is better left untouched? In periods like boyhood and self-discovery, it’s tempting to fit into a certain cluster, but is it truly compatible with you? It’s tight, making it particularly hard to breathe - perhaps it’s time to explore yet again. Harmony the ultimate goal.

Click, it says, perfectly. The trio fits together. The ties are strong, a friendship caused by constant connectivity. Stylist Twinks Burnett has an eye for showcasing inseparability and knows the secret recipe that links individuality to a uniformed end product. The antithesis is created by enlaced Converse and Beau Homme. Dungarees by Drifters Ldn bind them up. Independence is unique, but being a part of a group is comforting.


Above: Tom wears Jacket by KINGS OF INDGO, Jumper by FUUD LONDON, Trousers by KINGS OF INDGO . Mylo wears Trousers byFUUD LONDON, T-shirt by DRIFTERS LDN, Jacket by BEAU HOMME


Above left: Mylo wears Shirt and Dungarees by DRIFTERS LDN
Above right: James wears Shirt and Trousers by I AND ME, Belt by DRIFTERS LDN, Shoes models' own


Above left: Tom wears Jacket and Trousers by DRIFTERS LDN
Above right: Mylo wears Shirt and Blazer by BEAU HOMME


Above left: James wears Trousers by FUUD LONDON, Shirt by KINGS OF INDGO, T-shirt by I AND ME
Above right: James wears Shirt by I AND ME, Trousers by DRIFTERS LDN


Above left: James wears Shirt by DRIFTERS LDN, Trousers as above


Above left: Mylo wears Shirt and Dungarees as before and shoes by CONVERSE


Above left: Tom wears Jacket by I AND ME, Top by FUUD LONDON, Trousers by KINGS OF INDGO

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