Marcus Sivyer

7 December 2016

Photographer Sophie Mayanne
Fashion Dasha Kova
Photography Assistant Kianna Evans
Interview Cecilie Harris
Model Marcus Sivyer at Select Model Management
Introduction Matthew Regan

Fate is an interesting concept. Our lives are made up by the fragments of small choices; ones that can impact our narratives in ways unknown. As time continues its mysterious flow, all you can do is accept the thrill of the unknown by jumping into that blank space of possibilities. Marcus Sivyer is an expert at this. Through the blurred frames of the future, you know within yourself that there will be hardships. Poor choices, but also wonderful ones. What is most essential is the knowledge that anything could happen; let us bask in the fun of it all.
For Issue 11, photographer Sophie Mayanne captures the charming Select Model Management boy. A London boy who personally understands how one moment can change everything; from a seemingly normal train ride to appearing on billboards for names such as Ralph Lauren. Editor-in-Chief Cecilie Harris reminisces over how she first saw the potential shine out of this humble chap; “I saw this boy on the platform of Battersea Park station; strikingly handsome and with a glowing energy. I knew I had to approach him”. Two minds meet; totally unconnected, and yet stapled onto each other’s lives in one instant.
Since that moment on the train, Marcus’ life has unravelled harmoniously. As a lost-boy in college, he battled with the suffocations of teenage cliques; “when you have a group where patterns have been firmly shaped, you can loose yourself a bit. It was killing my ambition; I was only thinking in the short term and wasn’t offering any creative input”. We all feel that way at times, but all it can take that one small push of belief from another. That momentum of being pushed forward - steadily, and supported. Once it’s time to be set free, it is ultimately you who builds your own success.
You can read the full conversation with Marcus in our AW16 issue 11, now available online and in selected stores.
There is no doubt that beneath his cheeky grin is a mind full of opportunity; he has that endearing confidence that many never have. Above all, Marcus has that gentle aura of gratitude that is essential for longevity; “being a model and part of this world has opened up so many doors. I’ve met so many people that I have been able to learn from and have inspired me.”
Now, he challenges himself before and behind the lens. You can see his intimate photography as part of our BBG Diaries series, documenting Glastonbury and his seaside holiday. Both take on the theme of family adventures, in raw and almost candid moments.
How did things change around?
The starting point was when you shared my work on the Boys by Girls Instagram, which was a great platform to share my images and build my confidence. On the modelling side, you set me up to shoot with several of the BBG girls to build my portfolio and confidence in front of the lens. From there, good images started to exist of me online, which lead to Topman and Select Model Management finding me, who have been amazing to me so far.
How would you describe yourself?
I’m an impulsive person who’s got a lot to say, but sometimes needs to shut up and listen more, haha. I hope I can keep this excitable attitude as I grow up. I’m glad I have pushed myself to speak to people in some situations that I originally was scared of, as it always seems to lead to something good.
What advice would you give to others who want to fulfill their potential?
I’d say to explore. There are so many pressures in society and schools to achieve academic brilliance, but it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you love doing it.
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