Liam Gardner for Issue 11

28 November 2016

Photographer Cat Garcia
Fashion David Nolan
Grooming Sven Bayerbach at Carol Hayes Management
Model Liam Gardner at Select Model Management
Words Matthew Regan

He kicks off his shoes, wiggles his toes and dives onto that shabby sofa. Going back to that quiet spot where the mask is off and the mind is free to simply be. This place is a fragment of his very being, just like the lines on the palms of his hands and the waves of his hair. Simply amongst his patterned sheets and bricks of lego. These walls have memories. Closing the door on pretence, there is bliss in the emptiness of time. Somehow the air retains that pleasant scent of familiarity. Home is more than just an address, it’s a vessel of history. It’s in your veins.
For our latest print creation "Imagined Songs" photographer Cat Garcia captures Select Models' boy Liam Gardner through her intimate and raw lens. Acting as his mirror; as she documents him in all of his honesty and home comforts without any judgement. The style is candid and stripped back, like you’re being presented with the beauty of stillness. Feel the warm flickering spirit of a small-town boy from Aylesbury in his gaze.
Boys by Girls Fashion Editor David Nolan creates a paradoxical world of gritty subcultures dressed up in traditional suits; silhouettes look conformist at first glance, yet they are a little undone - with sleeves rolled up, shirts replaced with slouchy knits and jackets unbuttoned. An arsenal of teenage rebellion filters out and the skater returns home a gentleman.
The full story, beyond the brief teasers below, can be found in our Issue 11, "Imagined Songs" which is available to purchase online and in stores now.
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