Late Check-in

23 October 2017

Photographer AMBER MCKEE
Model FRANCESCO CUIZZA at Two Management
Words Berit Warta

Throwing your suitcase on a bed and yourself next to it, as you let your fingers wander across the fresh sheets and untouched pillows. Soon inspecting the bathroom and wooden shelves above the bed. A model's life includes unexpected travelling, often enough to fulfil a whole lifetime or travel curiosity. Who lives next to you in number 74? Do I know anyone further down this hall? Which stranger was dreaming on your mattress last night? Los Angeles based photographer Amber McKee photographs Francesco at Two Management, discovering the curiosities of travelling and checking in to a place you can call home for the night.

The charm of endless corridors and packed soaps in the bathroom to steel home for your friends. Hotels have their stories to tell; secret-keepers for indiscreet temptations or simply a home for people passing through the city. As Francesco is here for a while, he leaves his imprint. Ambers documents him as he strolls through the unfamiliar place. For now it is his. Francesco is a dreamer. Dreams are goals, goals are chapters, chapters are steps - and he walks. Her lens merges the environment and the hotel lights with soft breezes of orange and yellow, making you forget that you are just a guest here.

Stylist Sharon Maloney dresses Francesco warm tones and utter comfort to match his undeniable cool. The velvet suit by Dries Van Noten, blends perfectly into the hotel room colour palette of warm brown and gold, and the comforting jumper by Prada lets him relax on the floor for a while. She further layers him in comfort by Calvin Klein and Our Legacy, expanding his outfits from casual to chic. Together with Amber McKee they let him escape from the daily grind and out of the familiar comfort zone – spreading good vibes, welcoming the refuge from home life.


Above left: Velvet Suit by DRIES VAN NOTEN, vintage T-Shirt by AFTERLIFE
Above right: Vintage shirt, Jewellery by AFTERLIFE


Above: Jacket and Jeans by DRIES VAN NOTEN, vintage Shirt by AFTERLIFE


Above left: vintage Shirt by AFTERLIFE , Mix of Jewellery by AFTERLIFE and FRANCESCO'S OWN
Above right: Turtleneck and Blouse by CALVIN KLEIN


Above: Jumper by PRADA and Trousers by DRIES VAN NOTEN


Above left: vintage Jacket, Shirt, Robe and Trousers by AFTERLIFE. Belt and Hat FRANCESCO'S OWN
Above right: Turtleneck and Blouse as before and Trousers by AFTERLIFE


Above left: Velvet Suit by DRIES VAN NOTEN and vintage T-Shirt by AFTERLIFE

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