Kelvin Jones for Issue 11

18 November 2016

Photographer Jess Mahaffey
Fashion Lee Holden
Grooming Terri Capon
Words Brent Taalur Ramsey
Interview Cecilie Harris
Talent Kelvin Jones
Special thanks to the John Henry Newman Catholic School

“I didn’t make the decision to get into music; it just kind of found me, so to speak.”

The smooth vocals of Kelvin Jones reverberated off the gym walls, holding captive the soft calm that had fallen over the Boys by Girls team after our AW16 photo shoot with the young singer-songwriter at John Henry Newman School – his old stomping ground in Stevenage.

At 21 years old, Kelvin has transitioned from viral star (a YouTube hit thanks to his song “Call You Home”) to a singer now working on his second album. And now, he was taking up his guitar for a private concert, after which he sat down to chat with our editor-in-chief Cecilie Harris. Together, they revisited his roots and delved into his many inspirations, revealing a poet masked as a songwriter and a boy in love.

Only steps away from the old music hall where he and his friends would host jam sessions during lunch time, the photos by Jess Mahaffey takes us back to school with Kelvin Jones – to the place that started it all.

Explore his interview in-depth inside Issue 11, “Imagined Songs,” along with further images than the teasers below, which is now available to buy both in stores worldwide and online in the BBG Shop.

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