Jack Cooper for Issue 11

11 November 2016

As he entered this world, they were all just discovering it. As he grew everyday, she was growing along with him. Witnessing him push boundaries is what allowed their bond to form into something unbreakable. Time is a frightening realization. She is his shield of protection; attempting to guide him into the right direction, laughing with him until tears stream down their faces. She watches, as he explores the woods embarking on unplanned adventures. She is his diary, listening and locking secrets, whilst pinky swearing at the end that she won't tell a soul. She watches him grow, unveiling familiar qualities whilst developing into a beautiful distinctive individual ready to take flight. You don't usually get the chance to pick who looks after you, but he did. He chose her.

'The Godmother' is a documentary feature presented within Issue 11 'Imagined Songs', where photographer Venetia Dearden observes and documents a personal analogue of her godson Jack Cooper. Locking snippets of his life into reels of film and developed into a timeless flow of grainy textured, uncreatable imagery. Being present through the significant stages of Jack's life has created an effortless approach for Venetia, as she comfortably captures his mundane daily encounters - exploring the freedom of youth. Caught in the moment like a family photo album, we continue to present the boys of today through the eyes of our female photographers.

To parachute into Jack's world with Venetia beyond the below brief preview, grab a copy of Issue 11, which is available online and in stores now.

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