Into the Wilderness

2 July 2018

Photographer Michelle Gonzales
Words Brogan Anderson
Model Noah Roger at BRI'GEID Agency

Dystopian worlds often live within the confines of television screens and the binding of books. Pages rifled through with feverish pleasure of the voyeuristic opportunities unfolding with every word read and each chapter that comes to a close. But who dares to go on their own adventures? Say 'I', as you embark on these fantasies and make the worlds that are written on the pages and relayed through picture reels your own reality.

Barren dusty landscapes set the scene for Noah Roger’s set. Michelle Gonzales follows his every move, hot on the trail of his epic happenings. Imagine his footsteps creating the beat of the accompanying soundtrack, one that reminds you that life can be simple if you let it. Music playing, those albums that loop on repeat, the ones that conjure the make-believe imagery playing before his eyes in the private picture house of his mind, Noah is delivered to this idealistic landscape.

A welcome alienation in a sordid world. Lounging in wheat-ridden fields, neutral tones allowing him to blend comfortably into the borrowed space. Dappling sun tickles the grain that encloses his body, frolicking in the wind, creating flickering shadows that dance on his skin. Moments to prolong just a little bit more. May the pages of this book never cease to turn.
Noah Rogers1
Noah Rogers2
Noah Rogers3
Noah Rogers4
Noah Rogers5
Noah Rogers6
Noah Rogers7
Noah Rogers8
Noah Rogers9
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