Home Sweet Home

18 September 2017

Photographer KIM JOBSON
Model TOM GILL at AMCK Models
Words Berit Warta

We all feel lost from time to time. The city’s skyline is wide and the night's lights are bright. Nothing and no one is really sleeping, as insomnia haunts familiar faces. Youth is a 24/7 running machine - always awake with an unshakable fervour. Never holding back, because the struggle for that last free seat on the packed London District Line is real. After long days of constant competition, there is a longing for that final hour when the return to home is plausible. The hour where no one cares for what you’re wearing or the smiles you’ve had to fake. Where masks can vanish and nothing but endless comfort is waiting. Photographer Kim Jobson captures Tom Gill at AMCK Models in perfect serenity, where doors are shut and souls are free.

Massive cement walls keep Tom separated from the rest of the world, while stylist Sarah-Maria Booth offers necessary protection wrapping him gently in comforting shirts and tops, from Blood Brother to Versus Versace. She lets Tom move freely in wide Olivler Spencer shorts and a Xander Zhou crop top, bringing a beautiful breeze of femininity beneath the masculine sphere. Relaxed strength dangles upside down from the chair. Rolling from left to right across the bed.

Counting flaws in the wood. The edges of the pillow. The soft firmness of the mattress. The gentle light protruding the environment. They’ve all got their stories to tell - secret witnesses of lover’s confessions and healing hands for broken hearts. They represent the spine of the home where heartstrings roam free. A safe harbour, where the real 'you' can arrive and uncover those vulnerable corners within. Unspoken wishes worn with pride. No judge to command a final verdict. Savouring the valuable hours at home, before the return to the monotone machinery where souls must crawl back in hiding.




Above left: Top by OLIVER SPENCER
Above right: Shirt by PAUL & JOE and Trousers by VERSUS VERSACE


Above: Shorts by OLIVER SPENCER and Socks by ADIDAS, Shirt as above


Above left: Full look by BLOOD BROTHER and Boxers by MOSCHINO
Above right: Top by BERTHOLD


Above left: Top by XANDER ZHOU and Trousers by OLIVER SPENCER
Above right: Same as above


Above left: Top by XANDER ZHOU and Jeans by WRANGLER
Above right: Same as above


Above: Trousers by VERSUS VERSACE and Top as above

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