Grassy Kisses

29 January 2018

Photographer TORI FERENC
Words by Matthew Regan
Model SEB at Select Model Management

Come closer, towards the trees beckoning you into their hollows. Make the decision to switch off, quite literally (no more phone calls today, thank you), and just be. Captured on a Winter’s stroll, Seb at Select Model Management has the answers you’re looking for. The park is a utopia for this city boy; just past the iron gates, forgotten paths uncover a surreal world. Grass kisses the soles of your feet and a curiosity dances behind your eyes.

Being amongst nature is scientifically proven to boost happiness. Fresh air is the finest medicine for those with a heavy heart; in decluttering the mind, you can find space – no matter how small – for life’s hidden mysteries. Photographer Tori Ferenc questions the significance of natural landscapes on our lives, through dream-ready tones and overcast skylines. Shadows creep into hidden spaces, blurring the disconnect between inside and out. Imprinting lines on walls, turning dust into golden orbits and touching everything in its grasp.

Humans build cocoons, with white-washed walls and open spaces – connecting the elements to not only our homes, but to our mental well-being. Stillness becomes a revolutionary act in a world that seems to scream “more, more, more!”. BBG Fashion Editor David Nolan translates this ethos into gentle tailoring; with refined silhouettes and the subtle winds of nostalgia. Suiting comes undone, in natural shades and easy-knits, it’s the classic gentleman with a 1960s mentally. Carving its space with evergreen fields and lovers in embrace, in warm terracotta shades and clouds in the sky – nature is always talking, you just have to listen.


Above left: Coat by TURNBULL & ASSER, Shirt, Tie, Jeans and Belt by MARGARET HOWELL, Shoes by DR. MARTENS
Above right: Shirt by APC, T-Shirt by UNIQLO, Trousers by TOMMY HILFIGER and Belt by MARGARET HOWELL


Above left: as before
Above right: Knit by SUNSPEL, Shirt and Tie by TOPMAN, Jeans by LEE and Shoes by DR.MARTENS


Above left: Shirt by BURBERRY
Above right: As before


Above right: Full Look by MARGARET HOWELL


Above Left: Shirt and Blazer by BURBERRY, Knit by PRINGLE OF SCOTLAND and Trousers by CARHARTT WIP
Above right: As before


Above right: As before


Above Left: Coat by THE VINTAGE SHOWROOM and Jeans by LEVI'S
Above right: As before

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