Gavin Casalegno for Issue 13

15 December 2017

Grooming KARO KANGAS at Art Department
Above intro by Berit Warta

Some people just have it. The way they enter a room and fill the space - spreading their positive energy without any effort - without even realizing it. It feels like listening to your favorite song in an infinitive loop. For our Autumn Winter '17 issue, ‘Tales Of A New Generation’, photographer Magdalena Wosinska captures 18-year old actor Gavin Casalegno, who's motivational conversation made a lasting impact on us.

“It’s about you saying; ‘you’re going to have an amazing day.’ Self-confidence goes a long way. Be confident in who you are and just don’t worry about them... As much as I didn’t believe my mum when she told me, it’s true. Don’t worry, you’ve got this.”

Stylist Henna Koskinen dresses him in boyish teenage attitude, while Magdalena’s lens freezes Gavin’s positivity in convenient warm sunlight. Her colorful series pictures his young and innocent appearance that has become one of his secret weapons. Staying young forever. Not trying to fit in every box that society has shaped. According to Gavin, being young means exploring. Sometimes more than his own good, but that’s how it needs to be. Having already shared the screen with Russell Crowe and Anthony Hopkins in 'Noah', who he has been able to gain some helpful life lessons from, Gavin is on the right track. Combined with his strong sense of adventure, he could be a force to be reckoned with.

“I never want to grow up. I feel like people grow up too fast and lose track of who they are.”

Make sure to let Gavin's positive energy and those adorable eyes filter into your day, as you experience his full feature in our AW17 issue, 'Tales of a new Generation'. The issue is available now online and in selected stores.

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