Fionn O’Shea for Issue 13

1 December 2017

Photography Assistant PODGE KELLY
Fashion Assistant MAYA OLSEN

On the Irish oceanside, we unravel the secluded tales of Irish actor Fionn O'Shea. Photographer Doreen Kilfeather and stylist Paula Hughes traveled to his happy place; a beach just outside of Dublin. Salty skin and sandy hair, the wind spirals around, like the tail end of a hurricane.

We first came across this talented actor in his role as Ned in Netflix drama 'Handsome Devil', a coming of age story close to our own exploration of boyhood. His upcoming drama 'The Aftermath', which takes place in the aftermath of World War II - where he stars against Keira Knightley and Alexander Skarsgård - is another one to look out for in 2018.

Doreen invites you into the terrain of Fionn. Some people are spoiled with these kinds of beautiful views, but for Fionn, this is just his average day. In his interview with Cecilie Harris, Fionn chats about growing up and finding his voice as a young person. 'When I was growing up my mum told me not to follow the crowd and to be myself, so I was always conscious of that.' Whilst, the breeze envelopes, the tufty white clouds drift by and the waves ripple gently. The horizon becomes the line of nickel-silver. Paula dresses Fionn in velvet warm jumpers and unexpected tweed trousers, reminding you of those precious, winter beach escapes. This cyan blue paradise will not be forgotten.

Enjoy the full feature, beyond these brief teasers below, in our Autumn Winter Issue, 'Tales Of A New Generation", which is available to buy in selected stores and online now.
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