Finn Wolfhard for Issue 13

6 November 2017

Words and Interview CECILIE HARRIS

Canadian actor Finn Wolfhard was thrust into fame with his character Mike Wheeler when Netflix released the first season of original show ‘Stranger Things’ last year. At only 14, that’s quite the situation for an impressionable young mind. According to Editor-in-Chief Cecilie Harris’ interview with Finn, it sounds like he has somewhat managed to navigate the new waters well. Although it is different from his native lands of Vancouver, which compared to Los Angeles, he describes as “… slower, greener, safer and wet.”

To contrast his new life in glistening Hollywood, we wanted to bring him back to his roots and capture him at his most comfortable. Photographer Alana Paterson shoots him in familiar quarters, as Mila Franovic clothes him tip to toe in loose-fitted, playful attire. Perhaps it is the protective and relaxed bubble that is Vancouver which has given him a sense of grounding to combat the restless speed of LA? Admittedly, he is a young actor with an infinite drive and curiosity to face life's endeavours, so maybe that's what is keeping his focus.

The second season of ‘Stranger Things’ premiered on Netflix October 27th, after a long wait we're finally able to see what’s in store for his character Mike, who seemingly lost his friends, Barb and Eleven, at the conclusion of the first season. Also, the Stephen King horror flick adaption ‘IT’ premiered earlier this fall, where Finn plays the “trash mouth” (his own words) Ritchie Tozier against actor Bill Skarsgård, who plays Pennywise the clown. However, acting isn’t his only passion, did you know that he also plays guitar in the Canadian band ‘Calpurnia’?

For more of Finn, take in the full 10-page story beyond the few teasers below. Our brand new Autumn Winter 2017 issue, ‘Tales of a new Generation’, is available to buy online and in stores now.

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