Film: The Caress by Kell Mitchell

15 January 2018

Director Kell Mitchell
Producer Hedvig Werner
Director of Photography Doug Mclean
Gaffer Steve Hardman
Soundtrack The Caress
Live Footage courtesey of Michael McGlew
Special Thanks to George Nutt at Dog Biscuit
Words by Hedvig Werner

"I started writing songs about death and losing somebody that you love. I've never lost anybody that close to me, so I don't know if that makes me less valid to write about it, but my feeling is that it would possibly be the worst pain you can experience..."

Tom Easton of The Caress ponders death in his writings. A subject which for many feels unfathomable, because it’s so far from life, and thus, losing someone appears almost practically impossible. How can someone go from being a breathing, living human being to a lifeless form? How are you supposed to tackle the overwhelming feeling of grief that is looming in the distant future? Can you guess what your reaction may be?

In this film, we give the floor to director Kell Mitchell, as she follows Tom throughout a day in his life talking to him about life, the band, and the now. This visual diary gives you an insight into what it's like being in a band, what it's like growing up in London and what it's like having two brothers doing it all with you.

Tom plays guitar and does vocals in the New Cross, South East London band The Caress, which also includes his brothers; Ben, on bass and vocals, and Sam, on drums and vocals. Their musical influences date back, such as Phil Spector's Wall of Sound, a music production formula developed in the 1960s. Otherwise, 60s girl bands or 80s indie bands are likely inspirations for the band's alternative music style.

The film is the first in a new era of Boys by Girls; to give more content to you via our YouTube channel and provide a platform for talented female filmmakers. By connecting with filmmakers we admire, we're hoping that our content can find a new medium where female creatives can interpret our mission in documenting the modern boy. Kell Mitchell is an award-winning Australian director based in London. She has previously shot campaigns for AllSaints, French Connection, and Harvey Nichols, including 'The 100-year old Model' campaign in partnership with Vogue. She genuinely connects with her subject through the camera lens, and this time around she's exploring the curious and beautiful mind of Tom Easton.

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