Faces Of Summer 2013

29 July 2013

(Top row left to right) Sam wears Trousers BREAKS LONDON, Polo-neck PRINGLE OF SCOTLAND, Blazer MOSHIN ALI, Apron MEADHAM KIRCHOFF, Shoes TOPMAN. Joey wears Shorts & Shirt TOPMAN, Jumper & Jacket YMC, Shoes CLAE. Anders wears Trousers UNIVERSAL WORKS, Top RAF SIMONS X PRED PERRY, Shoes SAUCONY. James wears Trousers SUPREME BEING , Polo-neck BEN SHERMAN, Shoes CHRISTOPHER SHANNON FOR KICKERS. (Middle row left to right) Henry wears Shirt HENRY LLOYD, Trousers BONJOUR, Jumper EDWIN, Shoes TOPMAN. Frederik wears Suit EMPIRES UNION, Polo Shirt FRED PERRY, Shoes POINTER. Tommy wears Trousers HOUSE OF NINES, Shirt & Blazer, ANTONY MORATO, Shoes CHRISTOPHER SHANNON FOR KICKERS. Isaac wears Suit EMPIRES UNION, Shirt BEN SHERMAN, Shoes SUPERGA. Jack wears T-shirt LE COQ SPORTIF, Jumper ASOS, Trousers CHRISTOPHER SHANNON, Shoes SEBAGO. (Bottom row left to right) Joe wears Shorts PENFIELD, Shirt & Jumper ANTONY MORATO, Shoes TOPMAN. Jos wears Cardigan MANUEL RITZ, Shirt SAMSOE & SAMSOE, Jeans ASOS, Shoes SEBAGO. Harry wears Suit UNIFORM FOR THE DEDICATED, Shirt PETER WERTH, Shoes TOPMAN. Elliot wears Shorts TOPMAN, Polo Shirt RAF SIMONS X FRED PERRY, Jumper JOSEPH TURVEY, Shoes SAUCONY.

In the above video Cecilie captures the faces of the summer, whilst touching on the original inspiration for the shoot.

"As the young, contemporary man travels out into the world to grow, develop and get educated, there is always that feeling within pulling us back home. Representing safety and where we came from, revisiting "home" and our childhood memories enables us to get perspective and helps define the people we become. "Carry Me Home" is an unreleased track by Ben Adams, and I thought it was perfectly suited to this story. All of the boys in this series inspired me, and are all rocking the world right now in one way or another. Big thanks to all." (Cecilie Harris)

(Above left) Elliot wears CHRISTOPHER SHANNON, T-shirt ASOS, Jumper TOPMAN, Shoes CAT. Anders wears Jacket MA.STRUM, Jumper CHRISTOPHER SHANNON, Jeans ASOS, Shirt BEN SHERMAN, Shoes TOPMAN. Joey wears Bracelet SHIMLA, Shirt TOPMAN, Jumper SAMOE & SAMOE, Shoes CONVERSE at SURFDOME.


Universal Works
Raf Simons X Fred Perry
Empires Union
Ben Sherman
Le Coq Sportif
Christopher Shannon
Breaks London
Pringle of Scotland
Moshin Ali
Meadham Kirchhoff
House of Nines
Antony Morato
Christopher Shannon for Kickers
Joseph Turvey
Fred Perry
Manuel Ritz
Samsoe & Samsoe
Henry Llyod
Supreme Being
Uniforms for The Dedicated
Peter Werth

Words by Sophie Victoria Ann.

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