13 April 2017

Longing desperation. Imminent desire. Overwhelming anxiety. The flux of human emotion is confounding. Urgently removed from it’s sensitivity, one becomes isolated. Alexander Bardou, detached.

"When I'm all by myself, surrounded by silence, with my eyes closed - only then can I be with you.”

Düsseldorf based photographer Lisa Jureczko encapsulates Alexander in his solitude. Clean. Pure. Prickling skin under the amounting pressures and fears of the every day. Withdrawn and reflective, he is untouchable here, and it’s where he can reconcile with his inner demons. Delicate pigmentations mark his angelic skin, otherwise pale and as soft as air.
Love and hate hold hands. They harass and caress one another, a fine veil laid between them, which they push and prod mercilessly. They’re not lucid, so you can’t walk away, they will follow you wherever you go. A lifetime spent stablising these wicked tormentors causing commotion within, only to find it’s not entirely possible.
Eyes are shut, breathing is stifled, you are not yourself, not in control. Cradled in the disconcerting emotions, this once foreign space begins to feel familiar. The allure of human contact outside your own begins to surface again and shallow breaths deepen and slow. It’s easy to drift away from the bitter taste of life, removed from the pain and sin, the weightlessness is addictive.

My tears hide behind the well of melancholy
Too shy to came out to review their nature
Too shy to dance the stumbling dance down my face.
My tears hide behind the well of melancholy
They would rather stay in me forever, than descend from my eyes
Only to end up drying on my face, my skin, my leather.

- The feeling between home and childhood trance, Kaleo Sansaa

Sleepless from being tired,
Tears run off my face,
Silence reigns the room,
Melancholic symphony.

- Deep Dreams, Casobitor

When I'm all by myself, surrounded by silence, with my eyes closed - only then can I be with you.

- Silence, Casobitor

Like dead veins, branches are pointing to night and tell from the darkness, which calls itself soul.

- Branches, Casobitor

I’ll be gone for My mouth is tasteless
I’m relearning my language from deep within
I’m feeling nothing but growth and some soft boundaries
I’m back home,
Back to life.
Bruised but not broken.

- Wireless Windows, Kaleo Sansaa

The world it moves away, like a shadow of itself. The mist of time hanging over everything, and makes the day become past, with every second the present is fading. Future is what will be, reborn from memories and sorrow. The soul it still clings to the old but hopes for something new, grim she wanders, between dream and reality. So sweet the abyss, so bitter the taste of life. A spiral from pain and sin, drifting away weightless. The heart so black as pitch, full of coal dust, it takes what it gets but does not want.
- Casobitor
So many times did we walk together,
hand in hand,
Now we're floating apart,
like dry sand.”
- Dry Sand, Casobitor

Dear Slavery of the mind and the backbone
Fill in my illusions
Define the meaningless as meaningful.
Dear slavery of the mind and the backbone
Thrill my ears and eat my flesh
I am untouched and unmoved,
I fear for you.

- Magical feast in present tense, Kaleo Sansaa

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