Cole Sprouse for Issue 11

7 November 2016

Photographer and Interview Dani Brubaker
Fashion Sean Knight
Casting Barbara Bersell
Words Jonny Rees

The audio recording of Cole Sprouse's interview was deleted in its entirety…

In a moment of panic Cole had hastily deleted all records of his issue 11 interview with Dani Brubaker and Jonny Rees. The moments that followed enabled new discoveries and an opportunity to delve into the very core of how the society we grow up in shapes us, and how we are equipped to handle it. In Cole's case, as so many others before him, growing up in the palms of Hollywood has left its mark. It has also enabled him to grow in ways others often don't. Now, after some time away from the limelight, the talented actor is back to star in new TV show "Riverdale". Our meeting with Cole was powerful, as he shared with honesty his story and the kind of man he is becoming. Leaving a lasting impact on the team, he inspired an even more honest tone for this issue, as we talked to the rest of our models and talent. Throughout this issue, our curiosity for vulnerability in today's young males became a focus point, as well as exploring how masculinity is in the process of changing.

"In recent times vulnerability has become a buzzword for weakness. Boys are taught from a very early age to hide their feelings from the world; to ‘man-up’ and ‘take it like a man’. The challenge of displaying the authentic vulnerable male ego in a society that perceives it as a weakness, and a business where every human frailty is magnified, can prove daunting. Many child stars falter under the glare of self-reflection that stardom serves to intensify. As one half of the hit Disney show ‘The Suite Life of Zach & Cody’, Cole Sprouse grew up under this dizzying glare. He then stepped away from its suffocating spotlight and plans to shine again in his new CW show ‘Riverdale’. Premiering this fall, this time around he is a young man who has outgrown the ‘Disney kid’ persona."
- (extract from Jonny Rees' words)

Dani Brubaker's visuals of Cole are breathtaking and come to life across ten pages in our Autumn Winter issue. As powerful as his words and view on life, Cole's persona encompases everything beautiful. His passion to create something stunning, impactful and authentically meaningful, completely resonates with all we stand for - Dani captured all of the above, as the pair played in front of and behind the camera.

For anyone curious about the Cole captured within these visuals and to read about our inspiring encounter with the talented actor; issue 11 "Imagined Songs" is now available to purchase in stockists worldwide and via our online store.

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