Charlie Plummer for Issue 13

13 November 2017

Photographer HANNAH SIDER
Fashion VON FORD

“That speaks volumes for this generation - the potential that technology gives us to be able to make these connections and get a better understanding of the globe and being a global citizen.”

I write this intro to Charlie Plummer's feature in our Autumn Winter ’17 issue ’Tales of a new generation’, shortly after I’ve been to see ‘Lean on Pete’, his latest film, at the London Film Festival. I cried. But the good kind of tears, when you’ve just been taken through an emotional journey, made connections to your own life and feel so invested in the character that only tears can release it. Charlie was breathtaking in his role in this film written and directed by Andrew Haigh, and he definitely earned the award for 'best newcomer' at the Venice Film Festival for his role as Charley. Later this year, he will appear in Ridley Scott's kidnap thriller ‘All the Money in the World’, where he plays real life kidnap victim John Paul Getty III alongside Kevin Spacey, Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg.

We brought in photographer Hannah Sider capture Charlie in his home town of New York, and Von Ford added the accompanying fashion. It’s exciting when a new actor comes along with such a rare gift, and it’s not surprising that he’s been labelled ‘the new Leonardo DiCaprio’ quite a few times. Charlie himself is all chill though, and my chat with him brings me closer to understanding his world and ways. With his head firmly planted in the clouds, it’s great to be Charlie. He talks about what spirituality means to him, his love of long hair, being in touch with your emotions and what it’s like growing up within Generation Z. Charlie is very much a dreamer, and by the end of our chat I wish I was in the same world as he is - it sounds like a wonderful place.

“My parents started practising Buddhism before I was born, so I’ve always grown up in this environment. It’s all about what makes you happy and how can you make yourself happy - because at the end of the day I’m the only one who can make myself happy. I think there are people in my life who bring me happiness - immense happiness, but it’s up to me if I can make myself happy. “

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