6 January 2016

Words by Saskia Pfeiffer.

To have someone always by your side. Someone who knows your best side and your worst side. Someone who shares the same history, the same thoughts, the same dreams. Imagine a special bond between twin brothers growing every day. Looking at the sky through the window, safely hidden from the rain, searching for animals in the clouds to plotting mischief behind curtains. They are one, but not the same. Your twin brother will always be there to lighten up your mood, embrace your quirkiness and understand your troubles. Communication without words - a bond that endures all.

Photographer Aylen Torres captures the intimacy of the relationship between twin brothers Quentin and Elie at Rebel Model Management in Belgium. In her natural and raw images she uses soft natural light to set the scene, and plays with subtle nuances of colour as well as monochromatic shades. It's all so effortless; the framing of the image, the expressions of the boys and the intimacy of brotherhood captured. This beautiful sequence of serene and peaceful pictures invites you to linger in the twins glances, luring you into their world.

This is Elie. This is Quentin. They are brothers.
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