Arne and Charles for Issue 11

23 November 2016

Photographer Sophie Mayanne
Fashion David Nolan
Models Charles Berckmoes at Jill Models and Arne Schoelinck
Words Joseph Shields

Take a moment to throw yourself back a decade or so. You’re young, with an imagination that allows you to find entertainment and see joy in anything and everything. Mundanity is no concern and the obstacle of nothing can be easily overcome. Now bring yourself forward a few years. Remember waking up and craving something more for the first time? Your mind and soul have grown a thirst for something beyond the life you’re living. Beyond your home. Beyond your borders.

In issue 11 feature, "Let freedom roar", we visit Arne Schoelinck and Charles Berckmoes in Belgium. Best friends. Two boys that know what it’s like to still be home after getting a taste of the bigger world. They’re driving for more, with ambition by the ton and attitudes that don’t give a fuck. Arne and Charles do their own thing in pursuit of a successful future to keep them on their toes as they continue the enthralling, dirty work of being young.

Sophie Mayanne made her way to the continent to bring you these Belgian boys. Both perfectly comfortable in each others company; they daydream, they loiter and they fight as she points the lens. This friendship is a treasure that will last, and endure, and become indestructible. Life tests us, and having somebody like Arne and Charles have in each other not only pushes us to tackle these tests, but to go beyond them. To question the status quo. To do more. To be more.

To see the full series, beyond the brief teasers below, photographed by Sophie Mayanne, grab yourself a copy of issue 11, which is now available online and in stores.

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