Archie Renaux for Issue 13

21 December 2017

Photography Assistant SCARLETT DI

There are many unsaid acts of bravery; the kind that floats in our psyche, laying quietly and reminding us of the immorality of each day. In a decade that appears to be rife with uncertainty, in collision with itself; a clashing of minds, the "us vs them" dichotomy, and a weaker economy than ever before. Loosening your tie, stepping out of the rigidity of suits - and a steady income - is one of those acts. Bright young actor, Archie Renaux represents a generation of risk-takers; those wildflowers growing up out of cement cracks in city walls.

For our Issue 13, Tales of a New Generation, photographer Jade Danielle Smith captures Archie amongst an industrial London backdrop. The familiar relics of red-bricks and pigeons, the capital's answer to exotic wildlife. After making his film debut this year, and holding a second in the wings, his bold choice to abandon his 9-5 to pursue his acting career has proven successful. "I wanted a secure job so I ended up getting an apprenticeship just because it was a 9-5 and guaranteed money at the end of the month. It was a good thing for me to do, to realise that I hated it so that I ended up quitting to pursue acting. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and after not doing it for a while and I’d started again…it felt right." Submerged in unfamiliar waters, he trusted in that intangible feeling - the submarine of hope, waiting at the bottom of his consciousness.

Traditional emblems of streetwear are mixed with crisp pinstripes by stylist Patrick Clark. The lines between role and identity blur with anecdotes of the silver screen; Archie is the classic leading man, in a 60s polo-neck and sheepskin jacket. Through the lens of movies and their characters’ experiences, he is navigating his own self-awareness - questioning what’s expected of male expression itself. "My favourite film is The Shawshank Redemption. After watching it I cried, and I just couldn’t stop smiling. If I need to cry, then I’ll cry - before, I was really closed off but now, as an actor, my teacher’s been saying that I need to be able to deal with my emotions."

To read Archie's full interview, Issue 13 'Tales of a New Generation' is now available to buy in selected stockists.

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