Never Grow Up

10 June 2014

After a playful day out with models, Aidan Ledward and Vic Van Der Well at Elite Models London, BBG photographer and Editor-in-Chief Cecilie Harris finally got a chance to sit down with the boys to discuss the challenges of growing up and their experience of the day.

Wishing he was still a toddler, 16 year old Aidan is full of character and charisma. His cheeky grin, scattered freckles and full lips are only a few things we feel in love with. Reminding us of our very own Peter Pan, Aiden has a “I am still a kid. Not in age, but in life” attitude, and believes the best things in life are Christmas, the Milky Bar Kid and Manchester United.

Vic, a wannabe wizard from Holland, is undeniably cool and collected. Between slurping his tea and scoffing down a packet of crisps he told us about his love for lego, batman and unlimited imagination as a child, proving that any object can be a spaceship. Vic’s eyes tell a story in every shot and his ultra relaxed persona definitely proves him to be a catch to any lucky girl.

Proving themselves to be worthy cat sitters to any pet owner, we loved getting to know the boys a little better. We are sure Aidan and Vic have budding careers ahead of them and are always welcome back over to the office for a catch up, although a stock up of skittles is definitely needed.

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Aidan wears Top by Sandro Homme and Trousers by Christopher Shannon.
Vic wears Shirt and Shorts by YMC.

Instant Analogue By Cecilie Harris. With thanks to Impossible.

How was the shoot today guys?
Vic: It was all about the innocence of childhood and looking at the journey boys go through as they get older. It was pretty fun, we were outside in the park just running and jumping around, acting like kids.

Let's talk about your feelings. How did you feel about the shoot today?
Aidan: I really enjoyed the shoot today, it was fun to relive different things from childhood and wear the types of clothing you used to wear when you were a kid. The clothing was so colourful too, which helped to represent youthfulness and innocence.

You told me earlier you still wanted to be a kid.
Aidan: I am still a kid. Not in age, but in life.

You looked like you were having fun in the trees.
Aidan: It was just down my street really, climbing trees and jumping about with capes on.

Let's talk about childhood heroes. Who were your childhood heroes when you were 5 years old?
Aidan: This is a hard one.
Vic: I think at that age I was pretty much into Spiderman. I had a few Batman DVDs, or was it VCRs.
Aidan: The old videotape.

What about you Aidan?
Aidan: It wasn’t like a literal hero, but I was always into football when I was younger, so it was obviously David Beckham. I remember this one match I went to and David Beckham scored a free kick and that was pretty cool.

It is not always superheroes who are the heroes.
Aidan: No, it’s someone you look up to and admire. I look up to most things really and I take inspiration from a lot of things, but I suppose I looked to Manchester United for guidance when I was young.

Should have given you a football today.
Aidan: I can’t really play, I stick to being a supporter usually. I did score from the half way line once, which I would say is my greatest achievement in life so far.

Describe yourself as a kid.
Vic: I was pretty calm and easy-going. My mum once said that I didn’t really have that much energy.

So you were a calm kid.
Vic: I played a lot with lego. I had a really good imagination when I was young. I could pretend that anything was a spaceship and stuff. I can’t do that anymore. Maybe that’s a good thing.

Do you think you are losing your ability to be imaginative?
Vic: There are more boundaries now.

Isn’t that sad, but it's true.
Aidan: I tweeted about this the other day, I don’t like growing up. It makes me sad.

That’s one thing I do in my photography, I like to focus on the growing up period when you loose so many things, like your creative imagination. What were you like growing up Aidan?
Aidan: I was just a normal kid with big ears. I wasn’t mad or naughty really, just really shy and I never wanted to talk. Once I played the Big Friendly Giant in a play at primary school, and they didn’t bother giving me fake ears cause my ears where big enough already. That’s a genuine fact.

What things have you lost? Or are you still a kid?
Aidan: You just had no worries when you were a kid, I get stressed out so much now. At primary school, I was so carefree, I used to just go out and play football. I miss not having any responsibilities, but I guess its part of growing up, which is annoying.

I always see childhood as a little bit of magic you can think back on and relive the best moments.
Aidan: That’s like Christmas. I have younger sisters and they still believe in Santa, so I love Christmas and playing along with the idea. Everything was just so much better.
Vic: For me, there was a time when I seriously thought I was going to get my letter from Hogwarts.
Aidan: I guess it's your imagination, if you got completely carried away by it then its easy to think that Hogwarts is real.

What was it like to shoot with each other?
Aidan: It was really nice and fun to shoot with someone similar where we could have a laugh.
Vic: We were joking about and stuff, so it wasn’t awkward. My favorite bit was when we were talking about skittles. I love skittles.

Something to remember
Vic: Yeah, just me and Aidan eating skittles in the park.

And that sums up the shoot in a nutshell pretty much. Thanks, boys!

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