The physical side of it, when you’re a teenager is great. Just getting messed up! haha.
Tell us what you enjoy about your rugby


Agency: Select

Location: London

We photographed the absolutely awesome Paddy Mitchell at Select Models for our 2nd issue ‘Closer'. We should probably also mention the other magazines he has appeared in including Numero Homme, Fucking Young, L'Officiel Hommes Hellas, LOVE Magazine, GQ, Vanity Fair and has graced the cover of Hero.

One must also mention that his house has coasters conveniently everywhere - you know, for when you are wandering around with a glass of wine. Another must-mention thing was that his mum was a bit of a legend, and unintentionally gave us our title for Paddy's story, "Get Down Paddy". "Closer" is available to buy here.   Twitter: @Pad_Mitch  Instagram: @pad_mitch